About us

The Pannon Basketball Academy provides great programs in Veszprém (Hungary) for all the young talents who want to work hard to fulfill their basketball dreams.
Our goal is for our students to receive maximum attention not only on the basketball court but also at the desk in the school. Thanks to our scholarship program, our players have everything they need to achieve their goals: to win a full scholarship in the USA or to play in a professional international club after leaving the academy. Their goal is our goal!
Methods, approach
The success of our work lies in the fact that school education is in full balance with basketball trainings. There are no postponed workouts due to school and there are no postponed school classes due to workouts. That is, we manage to create a situation for our scholarship holders that also get enough time to study and develop their basketball skills. During the trainings, the greatest emphasis is on the development of individual skills, so that in the end the most qualified basketball players who can get the most out of themselves can get out of the academy. In addition to school classes, they have the opportunity to take separate lessons in English from private teachers, thus resolving any language difficulties that may arise. This is important not only because of coach Straupis' trainings, but it is also a great advantage if the players continue their studies/careers abroad after the years in Veszprém.
Professional development
Compared to the training of the youth of Veszprém in recent years, the athletes of PBA have twice as many training opportunities.
Our professional development is directly proportional to our infrastructural development. There are also three halls available for players in Veszprém, while the brand new functional gym that satisfies all needs is a perfect opportunity for the physical training of our athletes.
The Pannon Basketball Academy has developed a completely unique system of studies and sport, creating a transition between its two bases. There is no other basketball academy in Europe that gives its talents more opportunities to train and play at a high level and show their talents to international scouts. Our tours abroad provide students with the opportunity to be on the minds of everyone, anywhere in the world.