General information

Information for the 2023/24 Veszprém County Business League

Pannon Basketball Management Ltd. is organizing a company basketball tournament as a tradition within the framework of the Veszprém County Business League.
Our aim is to organize a leisure tournament for the basketball teams of the companies of Veszprém County, which will announce the champion and the runners-up of the Veszprém County Business League.
All matches of the tournament are open to spectators, colleagues and company supporters, which allows to strengthen and support the given collective.
Brief rules of the league
A minimum of 8 players must be certified to participate in the league. The maximum number of players per team is 15.
The number of foreign (non-company employee) players in the team roster cannot exceed 6, i.e. a team can enter the tournament with 2 home (company employee) players.
Game times
4x10 minutes with running time; teams have 1 minute rest between the first and second and third and fourth quarters and 8 minutes rest between the second and third quarters.
In the last two minutes of the fourth quarter, in the event of a 5-point or less difference in penalty shots, playing time shall be stopped.
Game rules
FIBA rules 
Individual prizes
  • Final MVP (Most Valuable Player): a player selected by the organisers from the teams in the final.
  • Goal scorer: The title of the tournament's goal scorer is awarded to the player who scores the most points in a given season. In the event of a tie, more than one player may be the scoring champion.
Entry fee
The entry fee is 220.000, - HUF + VAT.
The entry fee includes
  • the organisation of the tournament, the cost of entries and player registration
  • the cost of referees and table staff for the matches
  • the cost of renting the halls for the matches
  • the cost of the league awards
  • LIVE coverage of all matches
  • the advertising of the naming company on the LED perimeter in front of the benches, opposite the broadcast camera
  • 1 warm-up T-shirt of the DORKO brand for each player
Other options
Thanks to the support of DORKO, the team can order a numbered reversable jersey set at a discount.